HideReferrer.com is a Link Hider

What is a Link Hider?

A Link Hider is a service that hides your links. Sounds simple, right? But why do it?

There is some very good reasons why website owners and bloggers use a link hider service like HiderReferrer.com:

  1. You want to provide a link to an online resource, but in no way wish to endorse it or give the linked site any credence. Say, for example, you’re a Democrat and a blogger. Your interest is in revealing news. You’ve found a post on a Republican source that you want to link to (perhaps, after criticising it on your blog). You wouldn’t want to share your link-juice with it, right? Same goes vice-versa.
  2. You want to protect your Intellectual Property so that affiliated sellers or marketers can’t steal your highly-converting content. Affiliates are often better at selling products than the seller themselves. So as an affiliate, a direct link to a seller’s site could give away your content that generates sales, so they copy it. Guess you don’t want this to happen, right?
  3. You do not want the owners of the linked sites to know that you are linking to them. SEO tools make it easy for website owners to find out which other sites are linking to them. There may be good reasons for you wanting this not to happen, right?

HideReferrer.com is a free service that gives your links the protection you need. Best of all, it’s super-easy to use and available to all. 

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