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Something new is coming to very soon. If you have a WordPress site, you should read on…

Google Analytics says that link hiding on is increasing. Analysis of the data shows that more an more website owners are using it to protect their intellectual property.

We realized that we’re not making it easy for owners of WordPress websites to use After all, WordPress powers approximately 60% of blogs and CMS – that’s 28.8% of all websites globally – so we realized we needed to do something about it.


We’re proud to announce that within the next few weeks, we will be launching a WordPress Plugin that enables you to hide your links automatically! It will be made available through the WordPress Plugin Library.

The plugin will have a number of options to give you control:

  • Hide all external links – no matter where they are on your site
  • Hide links just in posts/pages – other links, such as in menus, are left alone
  • Hide only links in comments – only links that blog readers have created
  • Hide only link in wp-admin comments – so you can check out who has commented without revealing where you clicked from
  • Create a whitelist of domains you don’t want to hide links to – sometimes, you just want to leave links alone to specific domains

Please check back in the coming few weeks – we will announce the plugin’s availability. 

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