Why you must hide your affiliate sales pages with HideReferrer.com

Take Note – your affiliate pages are vulnerable to Intellectual Property theft!

Sellers love affiliates, but not as much as pocketing the full revenue from their product sales.

A successful affiliate takes some of the profit from a seller, and eventually, the seller will want it back. Sellers who see a load of traffic and sales from an affiliate are sure to take a peak at the affiliate sales page and copy their success!

Don’t let this happen. Protect your affiliate sales pages.

Protecting Affiliate Links

It’s easier than you might think. You don’t need to install software or plugins, or do any coding. The easy way to protect your affiliate links is to use hidereferrer.com.

Use this for ALL your external links. When you protect a link with hidereferrer.com, your affiliate link is used without modification, but the ‘referrer’ is blanked out. So your sellers get your traffic, but without seeing from what page you’ve sent it.

Other reasons why you should protect your Affiliate Links with HideReferrer.com

  • Affiliate links are usually long-winded, and therefore hard to remember, and take up a lot of characters. This isn’t necessary. Using HideReferrer.com creates short URLs!
  • ‘Spoofing’ links makes your traffic appear to come from a different (often more credible) source
  • Sometimes, you want to link to pages that you don’t want to endorse!
  • Set it and forget it – once you have created a protected link, it lasts in perpetuity. You don’t need to maintain it, pay licenses or subscriptions

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